It is a Ugandan company that begun in April 2020 by a lady called Asiimire Rabecca out of the desire to create something using her hands. She started then by making handmade rugs, and later after intensive research about the Carpet and Rug industry, she adopted hand tufted rugs. Currently the company does hand tufted rugs using tufting machines which have increased the company’s rug production greatly.

Comfort is one of the primary features that turn a house into a home. Adding an area rug in the living room, bed room, office or shop changes it’s reception, adds comfort, Glamour and design. There are a wide range of Carpets and Rugs however exploring hand tufted rugs/carpets has opened a world of possibilities in the shape, design, colours, texture and size that a rug can have. At CWorld rugs and Carpets limited We use carefully selected yarn, like New Zealand wool yarn, silk yarn, Nylon yarn, Acrylic
yarn, which are applied either individually or mixed depending on the design of a rug, In a world where fashion and design is on the rise, CWorld avails its Artistic skills to raise the bar of design in your living room, bed room, dining Room, office or even corridors with our customized rugs and Carpets. if you can dream it, visualize it, then we can get it to your floor in less than a week.

To be biggest manufacturers of the best rugs and carpets in Africa

Consumer satisfaction by producing the most artistic, durable and comfortable rugs.


  • Timely Output
  • Accountability
  • Integrity


  • Hand tufted rugs/ carpets
  • loop pile
  • cut pile
  • mixed design
  • Rug / Carpet cleaning and Repair
  • Carpet installation