Our Services

The Company started by weaving handmade rugs, then later it adopted hand tufted rugs. Currently the company does hand tufted rugs using tufting machines which have increased the company’s rug production greatly.

  • Carpets and rugs

    We select designs and make rugs and carpets which can be ordered by using this website, WhatsApp number, email or by visiting our premises in Kisaasi however you can also place an order by choosing your design i.e. colours, shape and size, then have it customized. To customize your rug, call or send a WhatsApp message on our phone numbers listed here to get in touch with our designers.

  • Rug / Carpet cleaning

    We offer rug cleaning services by either picking your rug for cleaning and delivering it once dry or by visiting your home, clean the rug and leave it to dry.

  • Carpet installation

    We install carpets in conference halls, offices, and any room. Kindly note that whether your carpet is made by us or not, we still are available to offer this service.